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     Great office cleaning from Hackney Cleaning Company. Their team come twice a day and look after our offices really well, and are just lovely to have around.
Casey Jones19/05/2020
      As always, amazing home cleaning work! I will always sing your praises!
Nancy W19/09/2019
     Incredible service from Hackney Cleaners. Their cleaners just did a complete house spring clean and it's never looked better.
Nat Closh10/06/2019
     My mother is very elderly and I have tried using care companies to help her with small cleaning jobs around her house. They weren't as thorough as we would have liked, so I decided to call Hackney Cleaning Company on her behalf. They are very reliable and really do a fantastic job. They cleaned all the windows and carpets to a high standard and we are both very pleased. I can highly recommend this company for their domestic cleaning services.
Janice Piper 15/03/2016
     I won't hesitate to recommend the cleaning services of HackneyCarpetCleaning for being completely reliable, efficient and most of all great value. I've used their cleaners for several years and have never been any less than 100% satisfied.
R. Greene 14/07/2015
      HackneyCarpetCleaning really helped me get the rug cleaning service I needed. I required a top cleaning firm to wash my rugs and they were perfect. When I called, they filled me in on everything by telling me about their services and answering all my questions. I used their free quotes to then hire a cleaning team and they arrived promptly. They went to work, quickly and carefully wiping and vacuuming my rugs. When they had finished, my rugs looked great and everything had gone smoothly. I will definitely recommend them to others and use their services again.
Debbie Holloway27/05/2015
     It's impossible for me to thank this cleaning company enough! Carpet Cleaners Hackney have not only some of the friendliest customer care advisor's I have across, but also impeccable attitudes towards their work. I ordered a complete clean of the entire hall where I hold mass, prayers, and meetings, so obviously, you can't get away with a job that isn't well done. On behalf of the members of the congregation and myself I would like to give you an unresounding thank you for your excellent services! The hall has never looked, felt, and smelled so wonderful. I shall be calling you again whenever we have any future cleans as I think your work is of the highest standard!
Malcolm K.23/10/2014
     When we were looking for a cleaner for our small office, one of the most important factors to take into account was cost. We are only a small business, and we wanted to keep things on a budget, at least until we were a little bit more financially solvent, so we hired Carpet Cleaners Hackney for a 3 month trial period once a week, and we have been amazed with how effective and efficient they are. The office always looks a hundred times better after they have been to clean, and I can't recommend them enough! Very lucky to have found them.
H. Davidson04/09/2014
     Having a decent cleaner makes such a difference, that it is always a good idea to pass on such valuable information. I find that you can't ever really beat the long lasting clean that a professional will get you, and this means that it is perfect for ensuring that you get through the rest of the week with a quick vacuum or a dust here and there. I never really need to think much about the cleaning any more, which makes life a lot less stressful, and I can enjoy my time in the house more, rather than worrying about such things.
Douglas Turner31/07/2014
     I was getting fed up with the grubby look of my carpeted flooring in my home. I had children and a dog, so I knew it was partly the problem. I couldn't afford to refit the whole house with new carpets, but though I would try a cleaning service. Carpet Cleaners Hackney were great to deal with from the first meeting to discuss a price to arranging a date. I was greeted by polite and smart members of staff who got on with the cleaning of my carpets throughout the house. They used eco friendly products and the results were fantastic.
Leanne Cannon12/06/2014
     I was fed up with my bathroom and kitchen so opted to hire some professional help. I called a local firm Carpet Cleaners Hackney and arranged a date for these two rooms to be cleaned using special equipment. Though I don't mind general home cleaning I think occasionally you need some extra assistance on these particularly tough areas of the home. The cleaners arrived with all of the gear, and got on with it. They worked very hard on my kitchen and bathroom scrubbing and polishing and made a massive difference. The work was done to a high standard and at a reasonable price.
June Trevors26/05/2014
     I am a great believer in affording yourself a little break, and one of my guilty pleasures is having the place cleaned properly once a week by Carpet Cleaners Hackney. Given that it does not cost me a lot to get the whole place done, and it's over in a few hours, it's not even that much of a guilty thing really! Me and my husband are always pleased to come home to a house that is beautifully turned out, and I cannot express how thankful we are to all at the company who help us every week!
Denise Vargas29/04/2014
     Brilliant service from a very experienced team of cleaners. I was completely satisfied with Carpet Cleaners Hackney and their cleaning work in my home, they really did a great job. My dogs sheds hair like nothing else and once they had left I genuinely could not a find a dog hair in my house. They were extremely friendly throughout and showed magnificent attention to detail in each and every room. They did not rush but they delivered everything that their advertisement promised, including the fact that it was superb value for money. Thank you very much, I will definitely be calling again.
Natalie Smith08/04/2014
     I ruined my sofa by dropping a piping mug of coffee on it. I was so upset, especially since I hadn't even finished making payments on it and it was already ruined. I tried all home remedies but that stain did not budge. Finally, I decided to call the professionals at Carpet Cleaners Hackney and now I know exactly what all the fuss was about. The stain was completely gone and they did all of this in my home, so I did not have to worry about transporting the sofa to a location or something. I will be recommending this company to everyone.
Kylie C.27/03/2014
     Carpet Cleaners Hackney provided me with the best professional cleaner that I've ever used! This is a company that has a lot of experience, and with such great reviews I really did have high expectations. I'm so glad that I wasn't disappointed though! The staff were very informative and made sure I had everything that I needed. This is an excellent service and I can't imagine using any other cleaning company ever again! Five stars for the dedicated and friendly staff, and for the amazing job they did on my home! I'd thoroughly recommend you give this company a try if you want a house cleaner!
     Luckily for us, we were recommended Carpet Cleaners Hackney's services by a neighbouring business when they realised we were having problems with our previous contractor. We were grateful of the tip off, because as a medium-sized business looking to push on, any issues around things that just need to happen can be a serious distraction to the smooth running of your business. Since hiring Carpet Cleaners Hackney we haven't looked back - they are professional and thorough, and we would recommend them to any other business out there. We rely on them to keep our office clean, and they do a great job.

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